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What does my modlet light mean?

Slow-spinning red light         Fast-spinning red light

LED - Watch the modlet LED during installation. The LED will spin slow when the modlet is ready for WiFi setup. Once you submit the password during the set up the modlet light will spin fast as it attempts to join the network. If the modlet LED turns off, it means the modlet and the router are able to communicate and the WiFi password is correct.

After submitting the WiFi password, if the modlet spins fast and then immediately resumes a slow spin it means the modlet was rejected by the WiFi router. This could happen if the WiFi password is incorrect. In this case, attempt the set up steps again, entering the password with care. The issue may also be resolved by rebooting your router before making another attempt.

Before each attempt to rejoin a modlet always factory reset first.

If the LED continuously spins fast, please reference this article.

If LED spins fast every minute and goes off, this is normal. You may see the LED come back with a fast spin once after about a minute. After that it should stay off.

If you do notice the LED keeps coming back in a fast spin then it means the modlet has problems connecting to the ThinkEco servers. Please contact ThinkEco Support.

If the modlet LED displays a solid red ring it means the circuit has overloaded. If this occurs, please unplug the modlet and contact ThinkEco Support.

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