Con Edison Smart AC Program

What is the modlet BN?

The modlet BN (sometimes called the "modlet bean") is a smart plug that measures minute-level power use and can control the power to the device connected to it. You can control your modlet BN from your smartphone or set a time schedule for it to automatically turn the power on and off for you. A picture of the modlet BN is shown below.

The modlet BN has the same functionality as the original modlet, but comes in a variety of different plug types, seen here.

When paired with a thermostat remote, the modlet BN can control any air conditioner that plugs into the wall. This combination is known as the "smartAC kit", shown below.

The modlet BN can either connect though your home WiFi network or through a USB or Ethernet Gateway, depending on which type of modlet BN you have. If the back of your modlet BN says "WiFi", you can connect it directly to your home WiFi network. Otherwise, you will need to connect it with a USB or Ethernet Gateway.

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