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How does the smartAC thermostat remote work?

The thermostat remote works like a home thermostat for a central AC system. You can program a target temperature and the thermostat will work with the modlet to cycle your AC unit off and on to keep your room at the desired temperature. This is called Thermostat Mode. The thermostat remote, however, does not control the internal temperature settings of your AC. (See: What if I already have a remote for my window air conditioner?)

When you first set up your modlet and smartAC thermostat remote, turn on your air conditioner using the power button on your actual air conditioner. From this point on, you can just use the smartAC thermostat to switch the AC between Thermostat Mode and OFF.

On your AC, set a low temperature and a high fan speed. This will ensure your room gets cool faster. The temperature in the room will be controlled by the smartAC thermostat.

Use the up and down arrows (+/-) on your smartAC thermostat remote to change the target temperature. Your AC will now cycle on/off to maintain that temperature.

If your AC is scheduled to be in Thermostat Mode AND your current room temperature exceeds the set to temperature by
1 degree, your AC will turn on to start cooling your room. (If you don’t set up a schedule, by default your AC will always be in Thermostat Mode until you power it off.)

Your AC will stay on until it is either scheduled off OR the temperature in the room drops 1 degree below your target temperature.

It’s a good idea to keep the thermostat near the center of your room so that it can take an accurate reading of the room temperature (i.e. not directly in front of the air conditioner or in direct sunlight).

In addition to using the smartAC thermostat to control your AC, you can also log into  and go to the smartAC Dashboard or use the ThinkEco smartAC mobile app. From there you can switch your AC between Thermostat Mode and off, and change the target temperature.

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