Con Edison Smart AC Program

What is the Con Edison Smart AC Program?

The Smart AC Program allows Con Edison customers to control their window ACs remotely and work together to keep the electric grid healthy when it is under stress. Formerly known as the coolNYC Program, it now spans all 5 boroughs as well as Westchester County. Residents and small businesses in Con Edison territory can sign up for the program and either receive up to 4 devices to turn their standard window ACs into smartACs or enroll Wi-Fi enabled ACs. Participants earn $25+ in Cool Points rewards based on participation. The program starts in May and runs through September.

smartAC Kits
The smartAC kits let you connect your air conditioner unit to your home Wi-Fi network then control it from anywhere. You can set schedules and monitor your energy use. 

Keeping New York Cool
There are over 7 million ACs in the New York metro area and they can overtax the electric grid from time to time. When thousands of people let their ACs participate in Cool Points Hours, they take the stress off of the electric grid and make sure everyone in the neighborhood keeps cool.

Program Details
Earning your smartAC kits
Cool Points Hours
Cool Points Rewards
Wi-Fi enabled Air conditioners
Refer a friend
Pet Mode

Customer support
Customer Support is available from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday. Reach out to us any time with questions.

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