Con Edison Smart AC Program

What is considered full participation in Cool Points Hours?

Full participation means that all of your smartAC kits or Wi-Fi ACs are connected for the full duration of the Cool Points Hours (around 4 hours) and that none of your air conditioners opt out.

If you opt out the Cool Points Hours on one of your ACs by turning down the temperature setting, your participation will not be considered full participation. Though you won't be eligible for the 5,000 Cool Points bonus at the end of the summer, you can still earn 2,500 per AC for each set of Cool Points Hours your participate in.

Your AC does not need to be on during the Cool Points Hours in order to participate. To participate, your smartAC kit just needs to be plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. If your AC is off, you are already saving energy and your ACs will be considered to have participated as long as your smartAC kit is connected!

For more information on Cool Points Hours participation with Frigidaire Wi-Fi ACs, please see "How do I participate in Cool Points Hours with my Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Wi-Fi AC?".

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