How do I opt out of Cool Points Hours?

If you have a smartAC kit, you can opt out of Cool Points Hours. Simply press the down arrow on your thermostat remote and turn down the set temperature. You will see the "DR" symbol on your thermostat disappear when you have successfully opted out. If your AC does not immediately turn on, keep lowering the temperature until your set point is at least 2 degrees below the room temperature.
If you have a smartAC kit, you can also opt out before it starts by logging in to your account and navigating to your Smart AC Dashboard. Click the green "Enabled" button to change it to "Disabled" for each AC you would like to opt out.

If you have a Friedrich Kühl, you can opt out by turning down the temperature setting on your AC.

If you have a Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect™, you can opt out by turning your AC off, then turning it back on.

If you opt out of Cool Points Hours, you will miss out on 2,500 Cool Points per AC for that set of Cool Points Hours.

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